The Perfect Men's Shirt

What is the perfect men's shirt? We know that means different things for different men. At Salento Sartoriale it means four things;
1. Cutting edge style
2. Unparalleled craftsmanship
3. Highest quality materials
4. Mother of pearls buttons​

To learn more about why did we set out to make the world's perfect shirt visit our mission page by clicking here.​

How the Perfect Shirt is Made

We believe the perfect men’s shirt should be about the excellence of the style and tailoring combined with with the luxury and quality of the materials. We don’t believe you should be paying for the hype and exaggerated advertising budgets.​


Salento Sartoriale is proud to say that our shirts are created with high quality fabrics from Thomas Masom | Cotonificio Albini Group. This legendary company in existance since 1750 and has milled fabrics for some of the world’s most popular brands.

Fabrics are at the heart of our collection, sourced from the finest mills in London and Italy they are unequaled in quality and craftsmanship. Often the term “Egyptian Cotton” is used to identify quality shirting. The Salento Sartoriale collection uses the best Egyptian cotton. Cultivated in a small area of the Nile delta, thanks to particular climatic conditions and the fertility of the earth, Giza 45 (cotton)  represents only 0,4% of the total annual Egyptian production.  Truly a precious and unique raw material when processed by one of the oldest shirting mills in the world creates an extremely rare and valuable product. World renown for its beauty, softness and durability the Salento Sartoriale collection is made using the finest materials on earth!

1 - 4-piece split yoke. Cut at the optimum angle for a comfortable fit and flexibility.
2 - Nine piece hand turned collar. Allows for a natural role and spring that will never go flat, guaranteed!
​3 - Complete pattern matching. Patterns are matched and flow from one panel to the next.
​4 - Removable caller stays. Add structure and sheep and can be removed for laundering.
​5 - Tripled stitched arm holes. Stronger seams around the arm that resist puckering.
​6 - Thick natural shell buttons. 3 mm thick Australian Mother of Pearl give a beautiful natural luster and shine which cannot be matched by synthetics.
​7 - Cross-over lock-stitched buttons. Creates a stronger bond so buttons do not unravel and fall off.
​​8 - Luxurious 100% extra-long staple Egyptian Giza 87 cotton. For a soft, strong and comfortable silky handle.
​​9 - Full single needle had turned construction.
10 - Creates stronger cleaner and narrower seams. ​18 to 21 stitches per inch construction. Yields a stronger and more flexible seams.

Pattern Matching

All of our shirts have complete pattern matching where patterns are matched and flow from one panel to the next.

Collar Styles

The Salento Sartoriale collection features two types of collar designs.

Moderate Cutaway

The Salento Moderate Cut Away collar is what we consider to be the hallmark of the modern man’s shirt wardrobe. It has the perfect height and subtle swept back shape that makes it the true classic.The cut away collar, with its open style was made to accommodate the width of the Windsor tie knot made popular by Prince George and Edward VIII. The Salento Sartoriale version is perfect for both wide and slim tie knots, and can also be worn unbuttoned for a more casual style.