Our Mission

Humble Beginnings


When Salento set out to take on the fashion industry in North America,it was not easy. The economy was tough and the company was starting from zero. After years of struggling, Salento made a name for itself by working to be as great as some of the biggest men’s designer fashion labels such as; Kiton, Brioni, Fendi, Prada, Canali, Luigi Borrelli to name only a few. Salento designers worked closely with some of the finest retailers out there. 

Give Value


One of the things that was discovered when doing their market research was shocking. The creator of Salento was a quick learner and he had the privilege of working with some of the most successful brands in history.Having grown up in a working class household and being taught the meaning of hard work and the difference between hype and true value , it was very important to him to achieve balance. What he observed inspired him to disrupt the system by closing the gap between ” Value and true quality”

Once he was taught how to evaluate the quality of haute couture, the creator of Salento Sartoriale shirts realized that there was little difference in quality between a $250 shirt and a $600 one. Value was perceived and was created using sophisticated marketing and advertising techniques. People assumed that cost was automatically associated with quality. Salento Sartoriale breaks that pattern and brings true quality & true value to the men’s fashion industry. Salento sartoriale decided to create the world’s finest men’s shirt at a price that is fair. You pay for the quality of your shirt not for expensive advertising campaigns.

The Salento Sartoriale Challenge


 “I will create the finest shirt in the world and it will be at a great price” was the momentum that was brought to the Salento Designers. Salento’s creator started in the fashion industry by defying conventional wisdom and proving that he can succeed despite the odds against him.

​We challenge any of the higher priced designer labels to create a finer shirt than Salento Sartoriale!


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